Language and Literature

  • LC Classification: P-PZ

P - Philology and Linguistics (General)

PA - Classical Languages and Literature

Modern European Languages

PB - General works. Celtic Lanaguages and Literature

PC - Romance Languages

Germanic Languages

PD - Germanic Languages

PE - English Language

BPF - West Germanic Languages

PG - Slavic. Baltic, Albanian Languages and Literature

PH - Finno-Ugrian, Basque Languages and Literature

Oriental Languages and Literatures

PJ - General Works. Semitic

PK - Indo-Iranian Languages and Literature

PL - Languages and Literatures of Eastern Asia, Africa, Oceania

PM - Hyperborean, Indian, and Artificial Languages


PN - Literary History and Collections [Includes Journalism]

PQ - Romance Literatures

PR - English Literature

PS - American Literature

PT - Germanic Literatures

PZ - Juvenile Belles Lettres

All Language and Literature (P-PZ) Titles

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