• LC Classification: K-KZD

K - Law (General)

KD-KDK - Law of the United Kingdom and Ireland

KDZ - Law of America. North America

KE-KEZ - Law of Canada

KF-KFZ - Law of the United States

KG-KHW - Law of Latin America (General). Mexico and Central America. Caribbean Area. South America

KJ-KKZ - Law of Europe

KL - History of Law

KLA-KLW - Law of Eurasia [Includes Russia and former Soviet republics]

KM-KPZ - Law of Asia [Includes Middle East]

KQ-KTZ - Law of Africa

KU-KWX - Law of Pacific Area and Antarctica [Includes Australia]

KZ-KZD - Law of Nations. Law of the Sea. Space Law

All Law (K-KZD) Titles

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