Military and Naval Sciences

  • LC Classifications: U-UH & V-VM

Military Science (U-UH)

U - Military Science (General)

UA - Armies: Organization, Description, Facilities, etc.

UB - Military Administration

UC - Maintenance and Transportation

UD - Infantry

UE - Cavalry. Armored and Mechanized Cavalry

UF - Artillery

UG - Military Engineering. Air Forces. Air Warfare

UH - Other Services

Naval Science (V-VM)

V - Naval Science (General)

VA - Navies: Organization, Description, Facilities, etc.

VB - Naval Administration

VC - Naval Maintenance

VE - Marines

VF - Naval Ordinance

VG - Minor Services of Navies

VK - Navigation. Merchant Marine

VM - Naval Architecture. Shipbuilding. Marine Engineering

All Military Science (U-UH) Titles All Naval Science (V-VM) Titles

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