General Works [Reference]

  • LC Classification: AC-AZ

H - Social Sciences (General)

HA - Statistics

BJ - Ethics. Social Usages. Etiquettev


HB - Economic Theory. Demography

HC - Economic History and Conditions (By region or country)

HD - Economic History and Conditions

HE - Transportation and Communications

HF - Commerce

HG - Finance

HJ - Public Finance


HM - Sociology (General and Theoretical)

HN - Social History. Social Problems. Social Reform

HQ - The Family. Marriage. Women

HS - Societies: Secret, Benevolent, etc. Clubs

HT - Communities. Classes. Races

HV - Social Pathology. Social and Public Welfare. Criminology

HX - Socialism. Communism. Anarchism

All Social Science (H-HX) Titles

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